SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber Quality Label: Environmentally Correct Waste Management

The Quality Label of the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber is an acknowledged label for environmentally correct waste management in companies which is granted by the Ministry of the Environment and the Chambre des Métiers. Only the companies that have implemented the extensive concept for waste management of theSuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber in their daily business routine receive the quality label.

Criteria for the quality label are the following:

  • Motivation of all participants
  • Transposition of all measures for waste prevention
  • Visible and accessible collection sites
  • Safe and environmentally correct storage
  • Waste collection according to types
  • High quality and transparent waste recycling and disposal
  • Environmentally correct management 

The SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber label is certified in accordance with the internationally accepted ISO 14024:2000 standard. This certificate comprises among other things the control procedures and requirements the inspectors have to satisfy. Thus waste management in the certified businesses fully meets the requirements for ISO 14024.

All companies receiving the Quality Label are checked every year to ensure they continue to comply with the above criteria. In addition, companies that have carried the label for five continuous years receive a diploma and checks are then carried out only every second year.


LEADER is an initiative of the European Union and stands for "Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l'Economie Rurale" (links between actions for the development of the rural economy).

On the following pages you will find everything related to the LEADER initiative in Luxembourg: news from the regions, general data and facts, addresses of contact points as well as completed and ongoing projects. (only in french or german)



The EcoLabel is an initiative by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry for sustainable development and infrastructure, running since 1999. Ever since, the non-profit organization OekoZenter Lëtzebuerg has been in charge of the environmental counseling of both the businesses aiming to join the EcoLabel initiative and the businesses already part of the network.

Up to now, the certificate has been awarded to 37 accommodations, ranging from country lodgings, guest rooms and youth hostels to first class campsites and luxury hotels.

All of them have to meet a compulsory and rigorous set of criteria focusing on energy and water efficiency (e.g. efficiency of lighting and heating, use of renewable energies, insulation, purchase of energy efficient devices, low-consumption appliances), waste prevention and waste management, sustainable purchasing of office supplies (e.g. recycled paper), use of organic, locally grown and fair trade produce, support of public transport and cycle hire options for their guests, use of eco-cleaners etc.

There are over 60 individual measures the businesses have to meet to achieve a significant reduction of their environmental impact.

The businesses are first audited and then reassessed every three years by an independent auditor to ensure standards are maintained.

Learn more: EcoLabel Luxembourg websiteExternal Site


A Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENES) Centre is a very special place. It is a centre that has made a long term commitment to protect the environment and promote environmental understanding. A SCENES Centre is committed to protecting its natural environment, minimising its environmental impact and enabling all who are connected with the centre to engage with nature and become empowered to make their own personal commitment to the environment. A SCENES Centre leads by example and acts as a positive role model to other Scout and non Scout centres, to its guests and to its local community. It can provide real hands-on educational activities for Scouts and training opportunities for leaders, equipping them with an enthusiasm for nature and a desire to do something positive for the environment in their home-life.

SCENES was developed during the 1990’s as a World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) initiative. Nine Scout centres around the world developed environmental management practices and education programmes and became formally recognised as SCENES. Several of these centres have become internationally recognized for their excellence in environmental management and education. The SCENES concept has been tested worldwide and has been proven to be practical, relevant and important.

The World Scout Environment Programme, launched at the 38th World Scout Conference in 2008, places SCENES as a key component of a forward thinking, environment focussed WOSM. As the World's leading youth movement, Scouting is well placed to make a big difference in engaging young people with the environment. The ideas at the heart of SCENES are now widely accepted as important among Scout centres around the world. SCENES, through its support network and accreditation system, enables centres to achieve their environmental
goals and benefit fully from their commitment to environmental excellence.