A Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENES) Centre is a very special place. It is a centre that has made a long term commitment to protect the environment and promote environmental understanding. A SCENES Centre is committed to protecting its natural environment, minimising its environmental impact and enabling all who are connected with the centre to engage with nature and become empowered to make their own personal commitment to the environment. A SCENES Centre leads by example and acts as a positive role model to other Scout and non Scout centres, to its guests and to its local community. It can provide real hands-on educational activities for Scouts and training opportunities for leaders, equipping them with an enthusiasm for nature and a desire to do something positive for the environment in their home-life.

SCENES was developed during the 1990’s as a World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) initiative. Nine Scout centres around the world developed environmental management practices and education programmes and became formally recognised as SCENES. Several of these centres have become internationally recognized for their excellence in environmental management and education. The SCENES concept has been tested worldwide and has been proven to be practical, relevant and important.

The World Scout Environment Programme, launched at the 38th World Scout Conference in 2008, places SCENES as a key component of a forward thinking, environment focussed WOSM. As the World's leading youth movement, Scouting is well placed to make a big difference in engaging young people with the environment. The ideas at the heart of SCENES are now widely accepted as important among Scout centres around the world. SCENES, through its support network and accreditation system, enables centres to achieve their environmental
goals and benefit fully from their commitment to environmental excellence.