The stables have been completely renovated; instead of the old stables are now the refectory, two toilet blocks and two training rooms.

The barn on the first floor has been converted into a large multipurpose room, two sanitary blocks and a non-accessible office.

The kitchen is situated in ....

A fully equipped, professional kitchen (31m2) in stainless steel comprising of two gas hobs each with four rings and an oven, a large refrigerator, a gas powered tilting shallow fat fryer, dishwasher, sink, tables for food preparation, coffee machine, storage cupboards, saucepans and miscellaneous utensils.


with 10 tables and 50 chairs.

Crockery, cutlery and glasses for 50 persons are available for use.

Parties should provide their own tea towels.

Men's and women's toilets - a separat toilet for disabled persons


Large multipurpose room of 114m2 with open fire, equipped with 15 table pads and foldable benches.

It bears the name of the famous Luxembourg artist Lucien Wercollier , a great patron and friend of FNEL.


The mezzanine is above the toilets and offices and serves as a warehouse for training materials.