The site consists of 3 buildings:
  • the block of the main building "old farmhouse" with the farmer's house and the main barn,
  • the "dormitory" block with the barn converted into dormitories
  • and the new block housing the sanitary facilities
and a large campground with its "ecobanane"


Where to find us

Venue Where to find us

At only 42 kilometers from Luxembourg-City, the center, an affiliate of the FNEL (Fédération Nationale des Eclaireurs et Eclairesues du Luxembourg) is a seminar center surrounded by a large campsite in the middle of the upper Sure Lake Park, marked by its artificial lake of 380 ha, the country's largest drinking water reservoir.


We look forward to welcoming you

Booking We look forward to welcoming you

To book your stay, visit our booking form page.
You can also send your accommodation request directly to us - simply follow the instructions on the page. After submitting your inquiry, our Staff will come back to you with an update about your request.


Exceptional location

Misaershaff is situated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg between Arsdorf and Pont Misere, high above the lake of Haute-Sûre. It is completely isolated and at some distance from the next villages.
The land between the road and the lake provides direct access to the banks
The Haute-Sûre Nature Park presents a diversity of grandiose landscapes, the result of a long work between man and nature in a natural and wild environment composed of reliefs, rocks, water and vegetation.


Old farm at the lake

This secluded old farm, dating from 1833, was renovated from 1993 - 2003.
This site near Lake Haute-Sûre has a huge campground and consists of a beautiful house with new facilities; all the conditions are thus met to live a camp up to your expectations.

More information

Camping at Misaershaff

Every year many groups come to live the adventure of staying at Misaershaff: an unforgettable experience.
Camping at Misaershaff is being on a fully equiped camp ground providing every necessary equipment to realize your project; the center and the region offering multiple possibilities.

More information

  • accessible
    40 beds
  • The Centre is located near Arsdorf, a small traditional Luxembourgish village.
    Misaershaff lies in different protection areas.
    Arsdorf is situated 40 kilometres from Luxembourg-City, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in the heart of Europe.
    The most spoken language is Luxembourgish. But don’t worry, you will be able to also find your way with English, French or German.

  • Misaershaff is only 40km from Luxembourg City, the capital of the Grand Duchy.

    Getting to Misaershaff easy & fast
  • Some links to get more information and to discover the north with the following categories
Train station Ettelbruck
Train station Arlon
Aeroport Findel

Pricing Table

The rental price for the center is currently (1.7.2023) :
  • FNEL
  • 6€/person /night /indoors
  • no deposit
    Salle Wercollier (large multipurpose room) and cellar: included

    4 € / person / night / in tents
    no deposit
    Camp Kitchen : 0 €
    Ecocabane: on request
  • !!! a minimum of 20 people is charged for a stay in the center !!!
  • Booking request
  • Other
  • 11€/person /night /indoors
  • Deposit: 500 €
    Salle Wercollier (salle intérieur) : 25 € / night
    7 € / person / in tents
    deposit 250 €
  • !!! a minimum of 20 people is charged for a stay in the center !!!
  • Ecocabane: 100 € / day (with firewood 150 €)
  • Additional charges (Water, electricity): 50€ / night
  • Additional charges for the camping (Refrigerator and electrical connection 220V/16A): 10€ / night
  • Booking request

Cleaning by FNEL (on request - for the entire center) - costs charged : 500€


Our commitment to sustainability

We are proud to be part of and to attain following labels