Ferme Misère Strategy 2009-2015

"Zesummen d'Natur erliewen"

2009: development and implementation of the strategy "environmental education and training at the Misère Farm".

The aim is to make Ferme Misère a reference centre for young people in the fields of nature and environment in Luxembourg. Examples of topics to raise awareness among young people: natural resources (e.g. water, forests, solar energy), waste management (recycling park and wastewater treatment plant on site), quality of life or nature protection.

2009: recognition of Ferme Misère as a SCENES (Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment) by the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

2009-2011: green classes project in collaboration and with the financial support of the Leader, Redange/Wiltz region

2009-2011: construction of a Blockhaus on the site of the Misery Farm which serves as a main attraction for environmental education in collaboration and support of the Ministry of Environment

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