Pont Misère" nature reserve and "Natur Pur" discovery trail

The Haute Sûre Valley between Martelenage and Pont Mière is one of the largest nature reserves in Luxembourg. The procedure for its classification as a protected area is currently underway.

In order to make the general public aware of the ecological and landscape values that characterise it, the Administration des Eaux et Fôrets and the association "Parc Naturel de la Haute-Sûre" have set up a discovery trail, the content of which is explained in an accompanying brochure.

A project for nature protection through extensive farming ("Naturschutz durch Nutzung") was implemented according to the rules of the biodiversity regulation in cooperation with 11 farmers on an area of 135 hectares.

The renaturation of a sloping stream, which is currently being channelled underground, the ecological development of two recreation areas and the creation of a ...

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