plan-gestion-ecologique The Forestry Department commissioned a specialist consultancy to draw up an "ecological management and extensive maintenance of the green areas around the Ferme Misaershaff".

The mowing plan divides the area into different zones, which, depending on the use, are mown intensively (camper area) or extensively (e.g. pasture, short grass meadow in the orchard - mown twice a year, herbaceous wasteland - mown once every 2 to 5 years).

A second component is the renaturation of the stream that runs through our property. This stream was diverted into underground pipes and supplied the farm with drinking water until 2002. It is planned to plug up these pipes and the stream will find a new bed towards the lake.

"Zesummen d'Natur erliewen"

2009: development and implementation of the strategy "environmental education and training at the Misère Farm".

The aim is to make Ferme Misère a reference centre for young people in the fields of nature and environment in Luxembourg. Examples of topics to raise awareness among young people: natural resources (e.g. water, forests, solar energy), waste management (recycling park and wastewater treatment plant on site), quality of life or nature protection.

2009: recognition of Ferme Misère as a SCENES (Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment) by the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

2009-2011: green classes project in collaboration and with the financial support of the Leader, Redange/Wiltz region

2009-2011: construction of a Blockhaus on the site of the Misery Farm which serves as a main attraction for environmental education in collaboration and support of the Ministry of Environment

The Haute Sûre Valley between Martelenage and Pont Mière is one of the largest nature reserves in Luxembourg. The procedure for its classification as a protected area is currently underway.

In order to make the general public aware of the ecological and landscape values that characterise it, the Administration des Eaux et Fôrets and the association "Parc Naturel de la Haute-Sûre" have set up a discovery trail, the content of which is explained in an accompanying brochure.

A project for nature protection through extensive farming ("Naturschutz durch Nutzung") was implemented according to the rules of the biodiversity regulation in cooperation with 11 farmers on an area of 135 hectares.

The renaturation of a sloping stream, which is currently being channelled underground, the ecological development of two recreation areas and the creation of a ...

Since 1993 the Misère Farm has been restructured in different stages into a training and youth centre, which was finally inaugurated in 2003.

Environmental programme carried out :

  • 1993-1996 Planting of native hedges and trees
  • 1994-1996 Planting of an orchard (apple trees)
  • 1996-1998 Construction of a biological purification plant with macrophyte fields
  • 1996-1998 Construction of a basin for rainwater recovery (used for toilets)
  • 2007-2008 Installation of solar thermal panels
  • 2007-2008 Ecological development and extensive maintenance of the green areas around the Misère Farm in collaboration with the Administration of Water and Forests, Administration of the Environment
  • 2007-2008 Collaboration in the development of the "Natur pur? I" and "Natur pur? II" educational trails by the Forestry Administration and the Naturpark Uewersauer

Annual environmental awareness/nature knowledge courses as part of the training of leaders

Solar thermal energy is used to heat the hot water for the showers. A heat exchanger is used to recover some of the energy from the ventilation system of the sanitary blocks and a central heating control system allows the judicious use of the stored energy.

In order to considerably reduce the consumption of fuel oil at the Misère Farm, major changes to the heating system were carried out in November and December 2014.