In order to reduce the consumption of fuel oil at the Misère Farm considerably, the FNEL Foundation commissioned a company to carry out major alterations to the heating system in 2018. Solar thermal energy will now be used to heat the hot water for the showers. A heat exchanger will allow some of the energy from the ventilation system in the sanitary blocks to be recovered and a new central heating control system will allow the stored energy to be used wisely. The Ministry of Family and Integration has agreed to provide financial support for this project.

The Forestry Department commissioned a specialist consultancy to draw up an "ecological management and extensive maintenance of the green areas around the Ferme Misaershaff".

The mowing plan divides the area into different zones, which, depending on the use, are mown intensively (camper area) or extensively (e.g. pasture, short grass meadow in the orchard - mown twice a year, herbaceous wasteland - mown once every 2 to 5 years).

A second component is the renaturation of the stream that runs through our property. This stream was diverted into underground pipes and supplied the farm with drinking water until 2002. It is planned to plug up these pipes and the stream will find a new bed towards the lake.