The renovated old farmhouse, the 7 ha of land available for youth groups, the Upper Sûre lake and the oak and fir forests of the Oesling hills provide an enchanting environment for any scout or nature lover.

This explains the increasing number of rentals of our youth training centre. Word-of-mouth advertising works well for an exceptional product and has been the only way to promote our farm so far.

In addition to scout groups from Luxembourg and abroad, school classes, sports clubs, brass bands, theatre groups, the fire brigade and other associations are among the tenants of the farm or campsite.


Hôpital / / Hospital

  • WILTZ: Clinique St Joseph 10, rue Grande-Duchesse Charlotte ( L-9515 ) Tel: 95951
  • ETTELBRUCK: St Louis 120, avenue Salentiny ( L-9080 ) Tel: 81661
  • Urgence/Notruf/Emergency: Tel: 112

Médecin / Arzt / Doctor

  • RAMBROUCH: 21 rue Principale ( L-8805 ) Tel: 236...



The ancient farm Misère, located between Arsdorf and the pont Misère, in the area of the lake of Upper-Sure, was bought by the Luxembourg State on Janua...